Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Class at Quilting Unlimited...

was great fun!  The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild offers a wonderful variety of classes every other year at the Washtenaw Community College, a perfect venue.

I took "Dyeing 101" from Cindy Geist and had a great day! You know, put me in a class and I'm totally happy.  Cindy is a patient and very informative teacher, not to mention she's multi-talented!

I took my "masterpieces" home in plastic bags and the next morning I spread them out in the yard to dry. I'm showing you the good, semi-good and candidates for re-dyeing.

I'm very comfortable with hand painting fabrics, but dyeing is a whole new adventure!

This was interesting because it's a piece of home dec fabric that was pastels and the white didn't dye, but became a resist.

A nice addition to the yard

This one is a keeper and I'll put in on Etsy

Okay, I just add to add this awesome flower!

In a couple of days the Fabulous Fiber Women will be dyeing fabrics in Judy's backyard. No doubt I will have more pictures of dyed fabric to show you. I hope you can take a few more of these.

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