Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New Fiber Arts Group is being created...

and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it. We may be calling ourselves "Fabulous Fiber Women" and we are!  Even though we are a tiny group at the moment, I can tell we have great potential because of our enthusiasm. 

Judy "loves all things artsy/crafty" and has a workroom in her lower level to die for! She has yards and yards of her hand-dyed fabrics and lots of art quilts on her walls. Plus, and here's my favorite part...boxes and boxes of anything anyone would ever need for any project. Judy loves thread painting and says it relaxes her. (When I do free-motion stitching, I have to remember to breathe!)

Our other member is Kate and she is a multi-faceted artist! We will be at her studio soon and I'm sure it'll be a great adventure.  She has a background in Landscape Architecture at MSU and Kate likes to combine the various forms of textiles, glass and metal to embellish an art quilt and often uses photographs within the pieces or as the inspiration for the piece. So talented Kate sews, paints, fuses and slumps glass, and creates custom greeting cards at

Me? Well, my background for what seems like forever has been painting in mainly acrylics and some oils. But, I've always loved fiber art and I'm doing a lot of fabric painting plus I'll be at Dye Camp this summer for a couple of days so that will be a whole new experience.  I'm really looking forward to learning new things from the very accomplished women that will be there.

At our first meeting, Judy introduced us to knitting/crocheting such as done by Prudence Mapstone who does such creative work! Well, Judy is amazing at this. Me? I can knit and crochet if my "how to" books are next to me, but I have high hopes of making a wall piece out of these and a few more. (small wall piece). I tried to use wire from a scrubby type of thing, but that was painful so I'll forget that. I'm bravely showing a few pieces here. I'll tell you about our long-term challenge next. Hint: Brown!

I may just add some of the metal scrubby thing.

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  1. just ran across your post; what did your freeform pieces turn into? and did you add the metal scrubby? would love to hear how it all turned out. cheers, Prudence