Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'll admit I'm a tree junkie...

and always have been. And I think that's what my theme will be in my next project because our "Fabulous Fiber Women" group has created a challenge.

We have to have 80% of "it" done in brown, we have to include sheer fabrics and somehow incorporate Hope into the final piece.

Now, I don't hate brown, but I sure don't love it and so this will be a true challenge.

I will do an art quilt and I've been thinking of adding lots of texture and today, wearing my air boot and dodging large patches of snow I took some photos that I will use.

Sadly, this ancient oak loses a couple of limbs each year

I have lots more, but these will get me started.  Brown? Honestly, I'm trying to think positive on that one. Will hand paint my own fabrics tomorrow.

Haven't painted the air boot with Lumiere yet. Another tomorrow project?

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