Saturday, March 12, 2011

If You Can Walk On It...

it isn't broken. Okay, so much for that theory.

At the end of February, I took a dramatic fall (at home) and other than the excruciating pain for about 30+ minutes, I figured I was okay. Well, long story short, I am now wearing a pneumatic boot and have a very serious break in my foot. I'm seriously thinking of creating some designs on the solid part of the boot with Lumiere paints. Give me a few days and you may see the results.

When I got home from the doctor's office I was greeted with a package on my porch and it was the arrival of Rayna Gillman's book. Talk about good timing! Such a great visual treat!! "Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth" is the title and it's very much like having a conversation with Rayna as you go through her book. So fun and so inspiring, thanks Rayna. (The gelatin plates may be the first thing I'll try). I had the pleasure of seeing Rayna's work in person at the Janice Charach Gallery last month.

Well, I tried the flour+water=equals Batik again and this time the results were better, however, I realize that was really just luck. Below is the result.

This is 21x22"

I think I'll put this piece in my etsy shop. 

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