Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grouting a sink and making bread...

were a couple of yesterday's examples of task avoidance. I'm sure I could have found many more if I'd tried harder! The bread was waay too good and was made in the bread maker I brought back upstairs from it's storage place.  The bread always seems perfect so need I say that soon it'll be brought back to its storage place?

The sink? Well, it was just time to redo all that grout and looking at it this morning in the strong light, all I can say is "thank goodness for single-edge razor blades". Have to neaten it up a bit.

Before you think me a total slacker with the fabric painting, however, I did do some. I placed two identical pieces of fabric next to each other, painted them at the same time, same everything and still they came out different. I took a couple of pictures and I hope you can see the differences. Actually, I love them both, but like my kids, they are just different.

                             I'll show the close up of each below.

it is kinda yummy, isn't it? this is the fabric on the left.

You can see the difference. A keeper, also. This is the fabric on the right.  What are your thoughts on the two fabrics?

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