Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanks to an innocent remark ...

in Judy's email, I spent the afternoon going through the bowels of my "studio" which you may remember is really my basement.  I can't believe the weird odds and ends that had accumulated (read: been bought) through the years. It had been a while since I had really plowed through. My really nice, huge wooden easel is being donated to The Boys & Girls Club and I understand it will get a lot of use.  Maybe I can find some canvasses to pass on them, too. I will admit that I'm keeping some really interesting gnarled branches and some nice cigar boxes, many past issues of "Quilting Arts" magazine and... 

BTW, Judy simply mentioned she was going to straighten up her studio because we are starting up a new fiber art group that will be held at her house. We are both excited about this and so far at least three other fiber artists will be joining us. I will share more news about this as it unfolds.

Back to fabric painting. I don't know if the following would be considered a tutorial. Maybe there aren't enough specifics or photos to call it that, but let me share this with you because I was happy with the results.

The picture below shows Liquitex Green Gold and Hooker's Green Hue and I also added fabric medium which doesn't show up. I used an old stencil brush (funny, don't ever remember doing any stencils) and dabbed on the paint and then dabbed it off until my brush was just about dry. You know, once it's on fabric it's there to stay.

I had made a "stencil run" to the store and found these last week (note: same were used on my ceiling fixture a few posts ago) . 
The fabric was dry and had been painted and while wet I had sprinkled it with sea salt to get that mottled effect.

The results were right on!

Tomorrow I will start putting some of my fabrics in my etsy shop.

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