Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just as I thought...

so I'm not surprised. The pale, washed out Easter colors are not a keeper. The colors really didn't even get absorbed by the fabric so that old box of fabric paint will be placed in the back of my shelves along with a lot of other forgettable items.

But the orange piece below came out pretty nice. I folded it twice before I rolled it onto the PVC pipe. I need to take some more photos so that the design will show a bit better. Parts of it look like an inkblot test.

Did I mention that these pieces are all fat quarter size and the fabric is fine muslin? Below is another that was in the pail.

This has been pressed and is perfectly smooth and flat, but the way it's scrunched on the PVC pipe encourages the fabric paint to settle in the folds and then if I'm lucky, the almost 3D effect takes place.

Yes, it is bright. In February I'll be putting some of these fabrics in my etsy shop.  

Onto another topic. I've been meaning to mention NTGM, the Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan, a great group located in Birmingham, Michigan, so if this is your geographic area you should check it out.

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