Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trees and graveyard markers...

are some of my favorite subjects to photograph.  Funny...they're usually very near to each other, come to think of it. Unless one lives in Arizona, I suppose.

Actually, since we are in the middle of a snow storm that may go into freezing rain, I may wait just a bit to do those photos. And tiny out of the way cemeteries are the best so I shall have to do some Googling first.  

Some of these images will find their way into my art quilts, I'm sure. No doom or gloom, though.

In my paintings there are lots of trees, but no graveyard markers.

Ran across Caran d'Ache watercolor crayons and used them on fabric to see what happens. Heatset or not, I can tell they won't be washable and the results showed that the colors, when dry, were much lighter, but they would be so cool on paper! Checked the company's website and this product is not listed. No telling how long I've had these.

The ancient treasure.

Great colors!

Finished piece with some Lumiere Gold paint added. Seems like something I recall seeing at the Atlanta Aquarium. 
Okay, calling it a night and wondering what weather I'll see in the morning.

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