Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kinda like watching paint dry...

but with a fun result. I followed the instructions on Bubble Jet 2000, used premium muslin and the following photos show my results:

This is the "exciting" soaking of the fabric in the Bubble Jet 2000 for 5 minutes.

The image on left is printed on premium muslin and the right is the original on regular copy paperSorry, should have done a better close-up.

These have just been printed. The bottom right was done on "T-shirt transfer" setting on my Canon S520 printer, an older model printer, but a keeper.

The left has been briefly washed with Woolite, laid out to dry and pressed. There was some slight fading. The original is on right. The handsome young man is Thomas B. Traicoff.

These are the finished "trees". The bottom right image showed me that using the "t-shirt" option on my printer wasn't a great idea.

For art quilts, I will try Robbie's  method. ( (see comment). 

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