Sunday, June 5, 2011

For all you former Northerners...

I thought you probably needed a lilac fix.

I sent my grandson a late Birthday present recently. It's a place mat with fabrics that represent his interests:  music, golf, and fishing. I added his picture to really personalize it. The binding is yellow. The other side has the music pattern.

It's been a long time since I've posted so I don't think anyone will remember our Fab Fiber Women had a challenge. It had to consist of at least 80% brown, some sheers and the word "Hope". 

Kate had hers done and hanging in no time and it's great...I'll put up the picture in a second, Jan is working on hers as is Judy and then there's me.

Honestly, I've come up with ideas and then tossed them as I was working on them, but I shall do it. I think it's the brown that's doing me in.  Have to do it, after all it IS a challenge.
Kate's finished challenge. The sheers are reflecting the light, but Kate used stones and covered them in fabrics and then painted words on them. It's great!

Jan had some time off work and decided to put all her scraps to good use. She must have worn out her sewing machine!
She made dozens!

Stop by soon, I will be back to posting now for sure.

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