Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fab Fiber Woman and another challenge...

that was and still is, great fun! We each had to bring a small amount of fabric, a glue stick, scissors and etcetera. And you know the etcetera can be overflowing.

We quickly picked a theme. Flowers. Then the timer was set for 90 minutes, fabrics were dumped on the floor and we began.

Umm, why did I vacuum in advance?

Kate's is finished except for the hanging loops, Judy's is progressing and Jan was sewing on her binding and I will catch a picture of hers next month. I decided, in advance, to make mine small so I stood a chance of actually finishing it. It's 7 x 8". 

I like it enough that I've decided to make lots and join them into one wall hanging. The colors, of course, will not be for the faint of heart.

This has black tulle on top and I free-motion stitched through all of it. Small and simple. The background is a donation of a lovely batik.

Below is Kate's and it probably at least 12 x 12". At the end of the evening she was attaching black binding and it had an almost Asian look.

Here is Judy's project below, also larger than mine.

Actually, by now we know mine was the smallest. I'll catch up with Jan's piece at the next meeting.

Feeling inspired I started a different and again, a small art quilt. The background fabric is a piece of fabric I painted and the tree is an old oak tree in my backyard struggling to survive, but the idea came from a wonderful book "The Complete Photo Guide to Textile Art" by Susan Stein. For me this is a "must have" book filled with so much information and more than 500 large format color photos.

Below is my oak tree art quilt. The finished piece will be about 10 x 14" and will have black binding. The piece is free motion quilted with 40 weight rayon thread in yellow.

No, that's not a blue border, but painter's tape so I could visualize where it should be trimmed. I'm sure my rotary cutter wasn't happy going through the tape.

Below is a close-up of the stitching. I'm pretty casual about this part...no rules and I make sure I remember to breathe.

I'm looking at a really busy rest of the week and weekend, but who knows...I may surprise myself and actually finish this one!

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  1. All the pieces are so cool! love your tree!!! and you are right..the one looks Asian! Very nice and so quick to do!