Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Join me on a tour...

of the "Fascination with Fibers" show presented by the Huron Valley Council for the Arts in Highland, Michigan.  The cultural arts center is in the Historic Highland Station House, a wonderful building that is totally charming.

The exhibition runs through April 30 and if you're in the area be sure to see the show. There is more to see than what I've posted here.

Please note that this is a beautifully hung show, but here and there I couldn't get close enough to take a better picture so it may appear that things are slightly out of kilter, but it was me, not the artwork.

On with the show...

"Embroidered Jacket" by Mary Bajcz

"Snowdrops" by Mary Bajcz


"Out of the Blue"  by Trish Boyle
"May, Pearl, and LaVerne" by Nadine Cloutier

"Vela"  by Julie Fedolak

"Electra" by Julie Fedolak

"Silence in the Garden" by Anna Kocherovsky

"Chair" by Anna Kocherovsky

"Dream"  by Anna Kocherovsky

"Coco"  by Sybil Phelps

"Connections I"  by Susie Krage

"Connections II" by Susie Krage

"Willow Weaving"  by Kathy McMinn
"Cartwheel Constellation"  by Barbara Fogle Mercer

"Purple Passion"  by Madeline Navarro

"Order Among Chaos"  by Cindy Purola

"Like a Baya Weaver Bird"  by Lauren Sopher

"Tea Time"  by Cheri Skomra

"Woven and Wavy"  by Jennifer Stafford

"Irises by the Garden"  by Jennifer Stafford

"Transmutations"  by Delores S. Slowinski

So ends my tour. Be sure to stop by the gallery and see the rest of the show.

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