Friday, April 1, 2011

I always have a long list of excuses...

but, honestly, I won't bore you with them. I really am working on bits and pieces for my Challenge art quilt that we are doing in our new fiber arts group. Our challenge is to use 80% brown, some sheers and incorporate "knowledge". 

Let's just say there have been a few interruptions, but I guess that's real life.

I've been playing with my Photoshop Elements program. I'm not good at it, but I certainly persevere! So naturally, it takes me twice as long to "do" something I am happy with. I've hand painted and printed fabric, painted cheesecloth, used my own photographs, hand colored the images and so on and so forth and somewhere, probably in the Milky Way, are a few photos I'd love to find again.
The oak tree, bottom left, (above) was used in several images.
Here is THE tree again. The images on the left were manipulated in Photoshop, then printed on paper, hand colored and then printed on fabric.  The tree on the right is the same tree, but printed on my hand painted fabric.
More stuff.
Meanwhile, I'm also doing a challenge type of thing with my sister-in-law. We keep it pretty light and I thank her for that.

Tomorrow I will be practicing making paper cloth, since I will be "teaching" our new group next week. That's funny, actually, since tomorrow will be my first time.

And...there's the matter of the unread book for book club, but that's our secret.

And...the high school gals are coming for lunch. I told them to skip the white glove test since I have a broken foot. No doubt, they'll arrive wearing white gloves.

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  1. Looks like you've done some way cool things with Elements. Would that I had the time to fool around with my copy. I was going to say something else but it flew out of my brain. Uh oh. Take me away!