Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a great surprise...

was left on my porch yesterday! It was art from my Texas kidlets. One I'll be wearing today and the other two will be hung on the wall.

There's nothing better than art created by kids. They haven't heard about "rules" and we hope they never do.  Just do your thing kids and you'll do great! Main thing, have a great time doing it!

So I'm really proud to present the following:
Artist:  Taylor Traicoff
acrylics on canvas

Artist:  Bailey Traicoff
handmade paper beads and beads


  1. hey grandma love you!!!! <3

  2. howdy g-ma! cant wait to see you.

  3. hi i am lily riend baileys friend from school I love your website.

  4. skye
    hi know bailey