Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Awesome Fiber Art Show...

is currently being held at the Janice Charach Gallery  in West Bloomfield, Michigan until March 3.

It is appropriately titled "Not Your Grandma's Fiber Show".   As I walked around the gallery with my friend, Kristi Holt, a weaver, we talked about which piece was our favorite. There were just so many we couldn't choose. I hope you enjoy seeing a small portion of the show and please remember, I'm an amateur photographer so apologies to the artists when your art pieces look a little off kilter.

The first floor of the Janice Charach Gallery

Ann Flora

Laurie Clark

Boisali Biswas

Jodi Colella

Michele Montour

Marjorie Benson

Jill Ault

 I will continue my wanderings through the gallery in my next post, so stay tuned, as they say.


  1. Dolly, so glad you 'found' me! I'm getting a cup of coffee so I can enjoy ALL your posts. Your work is wonderful!!! I know my followers will enjoy your blog as well!! Stay warm!!

  2. thanks for your kind words. I will keep a close watch on your's fun to see what you're up to!