Saturday, January 22, 2011

Way too cold...

but I have to go out to get more fabric to paint even though it's about 8 degrees right now and the store I'm going to is always so cold so this will be a really quick trip. I wrapped some pvc pipes this morning so I can paint them when I return. One, as you can see, is being painted again, but all my fabric is painted more than once. I have to love it when it's done. Well, how about "really like" it?
I mentioned that, honestly, I do paint some "quieter" fabrics. Actually, I love this gray fabric. It has so much depth and it's really a lovely color gray.  It runs toward blue just a bit. I've done quite a few of these.

This closeup shows the depth of the design. It has been pressed perfectly flat. Some of these pieces will be in my etsy shop in February.

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