Thursday, January 20, 2011

Painting Fabrics, some are keepers...

I'll admit I haven't been here for a while. This font color may be a temporary thing or this is just too early in the morning, not sure yet. I've been painting a lot of fabrics lately, mostly fat quarters because I can't seem to keep my big table cleared long enough to do yardage. I really cleaned up my shelf before I took this picture.
Here is an example of a couple of interesting painted pieces.
I really like the pattern in the fabric. Yes, it really is that bright!
This close up turned out better than I thought.
My favorite piece? Usually the cloth I wipe up paint with.

I love this. I am such a color addict! Here is a close up.
Really, I am also doing some "quieter" pieces that I will be showing on my blog. Some newly painted pieces I will keep (new art quilt ideas brewing), some will be sold and in February, I will list some in my etsy shop

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